Mistakes Happen

Dear Customers,

I had a major freak-out. I composed a professional, but stern email in my head to the printer. Before I typed that email, I decided to double check all my email correspondence, just to make sure I hadn't screwed up, hoping that I had proof of my intentions gone wrong. I unfortunately did not. Then I was angry....at myself. Then I convinced myself that no one would notice. I was wrong. 

This is a hard lesson for me. I like to think of myself as detail oriented, as someone on top of all and every little intricacy. But I missed this one. Yes, our labels read, Ashville, NC.  It is hard for me to even type.  How could I miss this misspelling on the proofs?  I did and I apologize. Asheville, NC is indeed spelled with an "e".  ASHEVILLE, NC!  The place I've called home for more than 20 years and have misspelled on my labels, the labels of my first production run of clothing. Kinda important.

Maybe one day this first run will be known for being a collector's item, you know the ones with the tag misprint.....

Mistakes do happen.


Find your Blyss,

Alyson (in Asheville, NC)


  • JEanne PArish

    You have a great concept and company!

  • JEanne pArish

    You have all my forgiveness! I support all you do!

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