Blyss Running Champion - Meet Jase

Blyss Running Champion - Meet Jase

March 15, 2017

 I met Jase in Atlanta at the Peachtree Road Race last July. Blyss Running had a booth at the expo and Jase came by inquiring about our running skirts. I've gotten to know him since through email exchanges and Instagram. He finds such joy in running and the experiences that come along with running epic races. Such a genuine & carefree person that I'm so happy to have met. Meet Jase....

My name is Jase and I am from Sydney, Australia. I started running back in 2010 just to fill in a morning while in Anaheim, CA. Since then I have taken it up more seriously where I am now a monthly pacer at my weekly Parkrun in Sydney Olympic Park. You may be wondering why I run wearing a running skirt? Well it's quite simple. I identify as genderfluid and prefer running in a skirt or tutu and I find Blyss Skirts are more comfortable and practical to run in.

(Jase wearing his favorite, the Blyss Skirt, at the Sydney Marathon) 


 When and why did you start running? What’s your story?

I started running purely by chance. In 2010 I was in Anaheim, California to cover the MLB All Star Game for radio back in Australia and saw they had a 5k fun run as part of the festivities so I decided I would sign up and join in to fill in the Sunday morning. From memory the 5k took me 32 minutes. Following that I decided I would do some more fun runs so my next one was the Bridge Run in my home city of Sydney, Australia which part of the course crosses the Sydney Harbour Bridge and finishes at the Sydney Opera House. In 2015 I had to scale back my radio commitments and took up doing more fun runs. In October 2015 after I did my last ever live regular radio shift, I discovered the Dopey Challenge at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Double Dare and set them as running goals. 2016 was a year of preparing and training for Dopey by doing weekly runs, usually my weekly Parkrun at Sydney Olympic Park which is 5k every Saturday. It was a year of finding my running feet properly and focusing on getting to the finish line at Walt Disney World. In 2016, I also completed my first half marathon (SMH Half in May) and marathon (Sydney Marathon in September). In January of this year, I flew from Sydney to Orlando for the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend to run in the Dopey Challenge. On 8th January at 10:36am at Epcot at Walt Disney World after running for 4 hours and 48 minutes I crossed the finish line of the Walt Disney World Marathon to not only complete my 3rd marathon but also the Dopey Challenge and join an elite group of Dopeys.


 Favorite distance? And /or favorite race you have run?

My favourite distances are 5k, 10k, and half marathon. My favourite runs would have to be the Sun Run in Sydney in early February which finishes at Manly Beach so after the run a swim in the ocean is always nice. Other favourites include City2Surf in August. I have also enjoyed the Peachtree Road Race in Atlanta although hot and humid its still fun. Colour Run is always a favourite where you just muck around and have fun. Most of all I really enjoyed the recent Walt Disney World Marathon weekend. It was 4 days of not only running but meeting and making new friends and just having a good time and enjoying each run.


 If you could go on a run anywhere, where would it be? Your ideal run?

My ideal runs in the future are the NYC marathon, Daytona Beach Half (Starts and finishes on Daytona International Speedway.) Back in Australia I would like to run in the Melbourne Marathon which finishes at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. In August I am running in the San Francisco Giants Half which finishes in AT&T Stadium, so very much looking forward to running into the stadium to finish. To me starting in, running in or along or finishing in a stadium or iconic venue or landmark makes a run extra special especially if you have some form of connection with that venue or landmark.


 Favorite pre or post run food?

The night before a a big run I like a chocolate pudding, but after a run in Sydney that usually finishes in or near the city, I like to treat myself to either an Iced Chocolate or Hot Chocolate from the Lindt Café in Martin Place. Otherwise an ice cold Coca Cola. A big bag of Jelly Belly is a nice reward too after a milestone such as a marathon.


 Do you cross train?

I do not cross train as such but I work a job which does involve a variety of physical tasks so I guess that kind of counts with lifting and that.


Do you use a GPS or track your mileage and if so, which one?

I use the runkeeper smartphone app to track myself.


 What have you learned/gained through running?

One of the biggest things I have learnt has been self-discipline to pace myself. Through pacing I am now one of the monthly pacers at my Parkrun and one of the biggest rewards is helping another runner achieve a goal of a personal best time. The biggest thing I gained along the way was my sole sister, Debbie. We both plan to do Dopey Challenge together in 2019.

(Jase at his 50th Parkrun)


 Your next running goal?

My next running goals are to complete the Canberra Ultra 50k marathon in April and the Disneyland Double Dare (10k and half marathon) in September.


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