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Finishing out 2017, this month's Blyss Champion happens to be my personal running champion too! Liz, has been my running partner on and off (through various injuries and breaks) for almost as long as I've been running, 5-6 years now. She was the one who got me thinking about distances longer than the half marathon. She won't fess up to it, but she was the one who suggested we run a 30k together (which we did), then 'why not keep going and run a full' (which we we both eventually did just not at the same time due to aforementioned injuries). 
She is also who you see when you land on my website....that's her running on top of those gorgeous mountains! The morning we (Liz, myself and another dear friend who is awesome at taking pictures) took these photos it was early fall. We got up before the sunrise on a weekend morning and then we climbed up, literally, these mountains. It was about 20 degrees out.....and she still put on a skirt and ran over and over again for the camera always with a smile on her face.
Liz lives here in Asheville, is a mom of 3 and owns her own design business, Liz Hackett Interiors, which you can find here. She's the type of person who never complains, ever!  If she does in the slightest, then you know something is very wrong. She's taught me that sometimes it's good to just keep your mouth shut if you don't have anything positive to share. Something I continually work at in life, but especially during the last few miles of a hard run! I've also learned more about wildlife while with her than any other person...bears especially love her! I try not to ever take for granted my good fortune and being able to run, but if I do, she is there to keep things in perspective.
Meet Liz.....
{ At a trail race wearing her Trail Skirt }

 When and why did you start running? What’s your story?

I started running in 2010, at the age of 35. I had a herniated disc in my lower back the year before that left me with a lot of pain and eventual surgery in January 2010. I can remember distinctly that Spring a few months after my surgery driving down the road and passing a local lake by my house. I saw a woman just like me run past and I felt this huge sense of jealousy rise up that she was out there running and I was in the car recovering and feeling bad for myself. It was then that I said out loud : There is no reason that couldn’t be you. You can become a runner if you want to. I always looked at runners as doing something impossible for me and once I changed my mind set, I slowly got out there and slowly I became a runner too! I consider this tranisiton in my life as a big turning point because I set out to do what I said I would and I succeeded. I became a woman that made time for herself, moved aside excuses and faced my fear of trying something new. 


Favorite distance? And /or favorite race you have run?

My favorite race distance is the half marathon. I have currently run 9 of them and I like that it is enough time to get into your rhythm and enjoy the run. But my favorite race was the GOTR 5k because I coached my daughter’s school and we got to run it together which was the best. She sprinted past me in the last 50 yards and did so amazing! Proud mom moment.


 If you could go on a run anywhere, where would it be? Your ideal run?

My ideal run is right here on the trails of WNC. My favorite runs consist of a weekend morning with my running buddies, cool weather, long miles and no bears in sight!

{ In her favorite Blyss Skirt on the trails } 

Favorite pre or post run food?

Pre run I usually eat a bagel and a banana. And coffee, always! I don’t have a post run food. I am usually not hungry until a few hours later actually. I do like an occasional Cappuccino after a cold run.


Do you cross train?

I mainly walk and hike to cross train. I used to do more at the gym but have been pretty lax at that lately. I also consider being a mom to 3 kids as cross training.


 Do you use a GPS or track your mileage and if so, which one?

No. I depend on my tech savvy running partner Alyson to tell me how far and fast we ran 😉


What have you learned/gained through running?

So much! I have learned that I am capable of hard things. That my mind is strong and with a good attitude and effort, I can accomplish goals. I have gained friendships, insight, strength, knowledge, courage, happiness and a deeper understanding of myself. The biggest things that I cherish from running are my relationships with the women I run with and the positive example I set for my children. Oh, and I have gained a lot of knowledge about bear behavior 😉


Your next running goal?

I am running the Frosty Foot 30k on January 20th in Tsali National Forest


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    Thank you Anita for raising this amazing woman! I know she’d say she is a proud daughter as well. xo

  • Anita Ott

    I am Liz’s proud Mom and want to thank you for that beautiful tribute you wrote on Liz. Every word is true and I know how much she loves her fellow runners. Keep up the good work!

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