Blyss Champion ~ Meet Shelley

July 12, 2018

Blyss Champion ~ Meet Shelley

June came and went and I did not get to publish a Blyss Champion! Life has been busy both personally and business wise and time got away from me. So without waiting any longer here is your July Blyss Champion....
I met Shelley last March at the Asheville Marathon at Biltmore. She was an online customer living in the mid-Atlantic area before moving to Asheville, NC this past year. Shelley is a retired veterinarian and life long avid runner. At 61, she is more active than most people half her age! Her story, like our last Blyss Champion Rebecca, prove that you can remain active and do amazing things on into your 60's and beyond!
When and why did you start running? What’s your story?
I started running in 1977 because I was interested in a cute guy that was a runner!!  2 weeks later I ran my first 10K in a pair of Chuck Taylors.  My knees were soooooo sore!!  I was a poor college student so said love interest bought me my first pair of real running shoes.  The relationship didn’t last but the running did.   I have never quit - to my calculation I have at least 61,500 miles on this frame.  Running is my zen time.  Although I love running with people, I also love running by myself.  It gives me time to contemplate all that is good, bad, and/or troublesome in my life.  I hope I have many more good years left in me.  My goal is to run a 10K when I’m 100!  Stay tuned!!
{Shelley in her Distance Shorts on the Blue Ridge Parkway}
Favorite distance? And /or favorite race you have run?
My favorite distances these days is 6-10 miles.  I am new to this area so have not developed favorite runs yet - altho’ I have enjoyed the Biltmore Half.  I also have so many t-shirts (I have 2 running quilts and 1 ready to be made) that unless a run is super special, I usually just run on my own.
If you could go on a run anywhere, where would it be? Your ideal run?
My bucket list runs were Boston (I have qualified 4 times) and Mount Washington.  I have done both of those.  I would like to do Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth for the first time and the Chicago Marathon once more (this was my first ever marathon).
 Favorite pre or post run food?
Not much, altho’ I love a pre-race pasta dinner and good-luck beer!
 Do you cross train?
Yes, I go to the gym and am a seasonal biker.  Last year, I bicycled nearly 4800 miles from San Francisco to Portsmouth, NH.  The experience of a lifetime.
Do you use a GPS or track your mileage and if so, which one?

I am compulsive about tracking mileage but mostly guesstimate or use gmap-pedometer.

What have you learned/gained through running?

Your next running goal?

To keep on keepin’ on!


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