Girls on the Run

This is is an organization that deserves our support. I have been interested in helping out with Girls on the Run in some capacity for the past few years, but the timing never seemed right. I always knew it was a commitment and felt I never really had the appropriate time to give until recently. Honestly, I feel I have less time now, but I've decided to make it a priority now. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I have a daughter that is 10 and she wanted to participate. I like to think that she was the catalyst to get me off my wishy- washy noncommittal stance to finally saying, yes...I will be a coach.

So here I am, an assistant coach to 20+ girls and I love every minute. What took me so long!  Wow, sometimes (okay, all the time!) I think this program is not so much for my group of 10-11 year olds, but for me!  My forty plus year old self! Lessons on positive self talk, inner beauty and dealing with our emotions are things that I wish I'd had as an 11 year old, but things that still resonate with my forty year old self.  And the beauty of it all is that GOTR ties these lessons to physical activity and running.  So, all the while the girls are learning these valuable life lessons, they are setting a goal to run a 5k. Working their way to that goal week by week by learning to help one another, thinking positive and letting their star power shine! I love my group of girls!  They are gonna soar!


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