Inspirational Running Stories......What's Yours?

the athlete in every woman

Just settling in at home after a weekend in Atlanta where Blyss Running had a booth space at the Peachtree Road Race Fitness Expo. On my short run this morning, I was reflecting on all the people that stopped by the Blyss booth, and just like in Charleston (Cooper River Bridge Run) and Cincinnati (Flying Pig), I'm continually inspired by the women and men that I speak with. You all have a story. 

I knew you were out there. The busy mom making time in her day to move. The woman who finds herself at 40something with a few extra pounds and not feeling so great about herself, so she decides it's time and starts to move. The working woman who works long hours at her job, but still finds the time in the wee or late hours of the day to move and stay fit. The woman chasing a goal of finishing her first marathon. The woman chasing a goal of finishing her first 5k. The woman who lost over 100 pounds and is starting a new active life. The older woman who despite being one of only a few in her age group is still out there moving and feeling young. The widowed woman who found strength and friendship by joining a running group. 

When I was on my search for running clothes that would provide me with comfort (longer lengths) and function (hello, pockets?) I didn't think you all existed except for in my small running / friend circle. All I saw were skinny younger woman looking great in beautiful running attire that was unrealistic for most everyone. Or professional athletes that looked gorgeous and fit, but really....what do I have in common with Lauren Fleshman except motherhood and we both like to run? Don't get me wrong, Lauren Fleshman sounds like she'd be super fun to hang out with and her accomplishments are inspiring, but I can't relate. And I don't mean to pick on her, just using her as an example as there seems to be a sea of female athletes out there promoting labels and products. Having said this, it's about time that female athletes got as much exposure as their male counterparts and I'm happy to see it, but that's not what inspires me personally or professionally on a day to day basis.

After this weekend I was again reminded of what inspires me and that is YOU!  All shapes, sizes, ages and fitness levels. Running marathons, walking 10k's, triathletes..... moving and taking care of your health and enjoying life. Finding Your Blyss!  So I want to hear your stories! Please share in the comments, send photos or send me an email about what your story is, how you are making it work, what and who inspires you. 

My vision for this company involves much more than designing and sell running apparel. I want to foster an environment that inspires, supports and empowers all the athletes out there.....the athlete in every woman

 Find your Blyss,



  • Jill

    I just wanted to gush a little about the Distance Short. I have been running in mine since the beginning of the summer and I cannot say enough positive about them. I am sure they are the best bottoms I have ever run in. Thank you Blyss for making a compression short that stays in place and is long enough to allow me to keep all the skin between my legs!!! AND the pockets!!! I am a HUGE fan! Thank you!!!

  • Blyss Running

    Dawn! I’ll message you!

  • Dawn MCCarty

    Hi there!! It’s your “Nov to Dec” friend, Dawn! We really need to come up with a better name…it’s July! Anyways I am very interested in you helping me figure out what size skirt might work for me!! My legs are pretty thick @ I’m close to 5’8 feet tall …yesterday I was wearing a cheap I skirt & actually got a compliment from my husband!!
    I NEVER buy clothes in-line but would love to support your new business. What’s a girl to do??

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