Run the Bluegrass

This was a chance that I took.
A Blyss Running customer, Elisa, recommended this race and I thought, why not. As usual when I follow my gut reaction, things alway turn out well. To say this race was fantastic seems like an understatement. Being out on the road is tiring and I sometimes wonder if it is worth it. I have 3 kids and just making the logistics all come together so I can leave for 3 days seems like rocket science!  But, in the end, getting to meet my customers and hearing your stories makes it all more than worth it! Every single one of you that we met had an inspirational story to tell. One woman in particular, Julia, who started to run at age 50 after years of smoking and being 100+ pounds overweight. This is strength. This is perseverance. This is inspirational.
The commonality in all of you though is the desire to find running clothes that function and flatter without being overly flashy. We all really just want some pockets, shorts that stay put and basically more sophisticated clothes to run in, right?!
And the race expo itself was the most organized, friendly and unique expo I have ever worked at or attended. From a vendor standpoint, this was a 5 star hotel. When we arrive in the afternoon on Thursday (the day the expo opens) and have a friendly face there to help unload the car! Seriously, this doesn't happen anywhere! They fed us! All day, both days! I could go on, but I know that those of you that attended could tell the difference too. Next year, we will be back and I'll come prepared to run this race also.
Below are some wonderful runners we met at Run the Bluegrass that were gracious enough to send these photos. Thank you Lexington!
P.S ~ Your raffle ticket purchases raised over $100 for Girls on the Run! Thank you! Lucky winner, Joanna, won an item of her choice and she chose the Distance Knicker.
I wore my capris for the half marathon that I purchased from you on Friday. I know the cardinal rule of running...nothing new on race day. I took a chance anyways because I loved how they felt. I was beyond pleased! No chafing anywhere, the pockets were awesome and held all my nutrition. The waistband was so comfortable and I never had to adjust it once (I did tie it). I was surprised my iphone fit in the back pocket and I didn't even feel it was there. Thank you for a wonderful product and I'm excited to try out my 8" shorts once my legs recover from the hills. ~ Jennifer

Thank you for my new running skort.  It is the first one I've ever owned! I wore it on race day, but ended up keeping my tights on underneath because it was so cold.  It was very comfortable the entire seven miles! ~ Ann

I normally don't wear new gear for races, but I am so glad I did. I love everything about my new skirt, and will be back for more! Finding running gear that fits well is hard for plump runners, and your skirt design works beautifully. Thanks for the wonderful skirt, and keep up the production. I look forward to new prints in the future. ~ Marsha

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