The Dreaded Word.....Spandex!

Recently, the lovely Sarah of @sarah.eats.clean mentioned us on her Instagram page along with her favorite piece of Blyss Running wear.  Sarah is the model you see on the product pages when you shop. Here she is......

But what I want to talk about is what she wrote in addition to her product review. You see, Sarah has always been terrified of spandex shorts. Here is what she wrote,


" As a professed Truth Teller you all should know that I have always been terrified of spandex joke!  When I showed up for this photo shoot my heart began to race and I felt all of my nasty body-image-insecurity-yucks begin to fester....I took a deep breath, reminded myself how important it is to push ourselves outside our comfort zone and laughed, we laughed a lot."


Now I know every single one of you reading this is thinking....what? afraid of spandex shorts with a body like that?!  And you're also thinking.....yep, I totally relate!  

When I started running about 5 years ago, I did everything possible to avoid wearing spandex!  Yes, I was the woman wearing cotton baggie sweatpants training for her first 5K. Well, it didn't take long to realize why runners wore spandex while running. An evil necessity, I thought!  I remember vividly the first shopping trip my training partners ( the ones who got me into this running thing in the first place! ) and I had to the 'spandex department'. It was terrifying! Looking back, it seems ridiculous now.  I bought the baggiest pair of capri's I could find, a size too big for me and wore them for my first 5K, feeling self conscious the entire time. I even wore an extra layer just so I could wrap it around my waist to hide my butt! 

Why do most of us dread spandex? It's form fitting for sure....if you buy your correct size!  But I think most of us try to hide under layers or bagginess, thinking that it'll hide what we see as flaws.  ( I think a lot of us do this hiding using tools other than clothing, but that's a story for another day! ) In creating the shorts at Blyss, it was my mission to make them flattering as well as functional. There is a lot of bad spandex out there! You've seen it....thin enough to see through....emphasizing every little bulge instead of smoothing out.....shiny, shiny, shiny!  Add to that the bottoms that barely cover your butt, designed for the 10 year old body.  

My hope in designing the shorts here at Blyss, is to take the body-image-insecurity-yucks out of your head space. How? By using high quality fabrics that enhance your curves and provide enough coverage to feel confident.  By using strategically placed seams that flatter what you've got. By creating a community of women that are confident with themselves and supportive of others. Confidence is the most flattering thing you can wear!  Let's face it, if you are all out there running or walking then you are talking care of your body and self. Instead of being critical of certain body parts, celebrate the fact that your strong body is aiding you, allowing you to move, walk and run!

Let's get real.  Let us not fear spandex.  Let us be confident in who we are and proud of our accomplishments.  Let us wear spandex proudly!  .....and in Blyss spandex shorts, look darn good.  

Find your Blyss,



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