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Blyss Champion ~ Meet Rebecca

Most importantly, while I already knew this, at every race I realize again and again that everyone has a story.  Mirna Valerio, who is a motivational speaker for runners (and an amazing athlete!), asked the audience during a recent lecture “What is your WHY?”  The truth is-every one of us has a WHY--- we just need to own it.

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Blyss Running Champion ~ Meet Martha

"Because I work in the industry, I have a LOT of running clothes. Skirts have long been my favorite, and I have had many brands. But I have to say that my Blyss Trail Skirt is hands down the best I’ve worn. It’s light enough for hot weather, but I am covered up enough to run around in public in it. Can a person “love” a piece of clothing?"

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Blyss Running Champion ~ Meet Jennifer

This month we meet Jennifer! She and I met in Lexington, KY at Run the Bluegrass. "I wanted to run back in high school, but didn’t because I didn’t have the courage or confidence to."  How many of us can relate?  I'll let her tell the rest. Meet Jennifer..... I live in Corydon, Indiana with my husband (Nathan) and two cats (Sir Purrs A Lot and Sophia). I work as a dental hygienist and just recently got hired to help at 502 Power Yoga which is the yoga studio I go to. My hobbies are biking, running and hiking, yoga, some swimming, visiting craft microbreweries with my husband, and I hope to travel more. I did Ragnar back in April...

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