Top 10 Gift Ideas for the New (or Seasoned) Trail Runner

November 25, 2020

Top 10 Gift Ideas for the New (or Seasoned) Trail Runner

Looking for the perfect gift for your favorite trail runner?

Here is my list for the top 10 trail running gift ideas for the new or seasoned trail runner in your life. Many of these are applicable to the road runner as well!

#1 Blyss Trail Skirt

This skirt has open mesh sides perfect for all that side to side movement that running on trails entails. As with all Blyss Skirts, this has a pocket on each leg and a secure zipper pocket in the back big enough for your phone. No ride up, no chafing!

#2 Whistles for LIFE Tri-Power Whistle

Having a whistle is always a good idea even when road running. If you fall or need help it can come in handy to alert someone nearby, but more importantly if you come across wildlife or even a dog, a loud hard blow will hopefully scare it away! I've personally used my whistle to get bears along on their way and out of mine!

Product image for

#3 Buff DryFlx

Most runners are familiar with the buff and during the pandemic they are getting much more use than normal! They provide the same multi functional benefits on the trail as the road, but they also come in handy if you unfortunately have a fall and need to support an ankle or wrist.
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#4 Trail Shoes

Shoes are very personal and it is always best to seek out your local running store and get a proper gait analysis and fit. But heading out on the trails you'll soon see why it's important to have a sole with just a bit more grip than your road shoe. Altra is one brand with a variety of trail running shoes. To start, I'd stick with your road running brand and see what they offer in a trail shoe.
Product image for poppy

#5 Darn Tough Element 1/4 Sock

Like shoes, socks are very personal to each of us. Some of us like calf length, others prefer the no show kind. Whichever style you prefer, it's important to get a sock that will wick away moisture which is especially true for trail running when it is a very real possibility you'll get your feet wet. So I'd suggest a wool sock for its breathability. Wool socks come in many different weights too. A good basic sock would be this Darn Tough 1/4 length. One thing to note when trail running is a higher sock does protect you from brush, brambles and in summer months - poison ivy!
Element 1/4 Sock Light Cushion

#6 Brooks Dash Half Zip

Layers are important on the trails especially if you are running where there is elevation change. Temperatures can fluctuate 10 degrees for every 1000ft you climb or descend. Also important, is to wear a bright color in areas where hunting is allowed. This half zip would pair great with the Blyss Trail Skirt!
Dash 1/2 Zip

#7 Tailwind Nutrition

You can stick one of these in your skirt pocket! Trail running sometimes takes longer than you expect so it's always good to have some nutrition on hand for those times when you're out longer than expected. Just add to your water bottle!

#8 Handheld Water Bottle

For the shorter distance runner a handheld bottle works well. I like this one from Amphipod.

#9 S/Lab Sense Ultra 5 Set

For the longer distance gals this is my favorite hydration vest because it wears like a shirt. The vest part is made from a stretchy fabric that fits your body. I've worn this vest for many many hours and never have had any issues with rubbing or chafing. It comes with 2 soft bottles but also there is a pouch in the back that can hold a bladder for when you need more water.

#10 Gaia GPS Membership

You can use the app for free and it works well IF you have cell service. Around where I live and especially on the trails, cell service can be spotty. With the paid membership you can download maps and Gaia will track where you are on the trail so if you take a wrong turn you'll see pretty quickly and get back on track cell service or not! And your phone will travel easy in your Blyss skirt pocket!
gaia gps
Happy Trails!

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