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Blyss Running Champion ~ Meet Leah

I joined a Couch to 5k at a local running store, with the intention of being in the walker group. Fortunately, I was misplaced into a running group, and at 38 1/2 I officially became a runner. Up until this time I never considered running an option.

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Blyss Running Champion ~ Meet Liz K.

 "I don't have a time limit, a desire to compete against others and I don’t try to keep up with others because running is my own pace, place of peace & where I can test my own limits to see what I’m capable of in each race I do. I call it the 3Ps of me!”  

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Blyss Running Champion ~ Meet Martha

"Because I work in the industry, I have a LOT of running clothes. Skirts have long been my favorite, and I have had many brands. But I have to say that my Blyss Trail Skirt is hands down the best I’ve worn. It’s light enough for hot weather, but I am covered up enough to run around in public in it. Can a person “love” a piece of clothing?"

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