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Simple Hydration Bottle Giveaway

I had the pleasure of being neighbors with Simple Hydration at the Flying Pig Race Expo in Cincinnati a few weeks ago. The founder, Brian, is a super nice guy and has a great product! A life long runner he came up with the idea for this new kind of water bottle while training for an Ironman. He designed this bottle so that it easily slips into the waistband of your bottoms, belt, pocket or racer back bra!  I've been a handheld bottle girl myself. I'm not a fan of water bottles jiggling around my waist on a belt or sloshing around in a pack on my back. Never mind, the extra layers in the heat and humidity and the...

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Girls on the Run

This is is an organization that deserves our support. I have been interested in helping out with Girls on the Run in some capacity for the past few years, but the timing never seemed right. I always knew it was a commitment and felt I never really had the appropriate time to give until recently. Honestly, I feel I have less time now, but I've decided to make it a priority now. Maybe that has to do with the fact that I have a daughter that is 10 and she wanted to participate. I like to think that she was the catalyst to get me off my wishy- washy noncommittal stance to finally saying, yes...I will be a coach. So...

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The Dreaded Word.....Spandex!

Recently, the lovely Sarah of @sarah.eats.clean mentioned us on her Instagram page along with her favorite piece of Blyss Running wear.  Sarah is the model you see on the product pages when you shop. Here she is...... But what I want to talk about is what she wrote in addition to her product review. You see, Sarah has always been terrified of spandex shorts. Here is what she wrote,   " As a professed Truth Teller you all should know that I have always been terrified of spandex joke!  When I showed up for this photo shoot my heart began to race and I felt all of my nasty body-image-insecurity-yucks begin to fester....I took a deep breath, reminded myself...

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