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Working on marathon outfits. I know my Blyss Running skirt made the cut, but may need it in blue to match the top. Love the Blyss Bird! ~ Debbie


Peachtree 10K

I'm a running coach and have run about a million races. Until last weekend I have never bought any apparel at a race expo, let alone run in it without testing it. I fell in love with these shorts and the vibe of your clothing line. They might just be my new lucky shorts! I earned a mug at the Peachtree Road Race in them. They were so comfortable and the big pocket, 💙 💙💙! A fellow running coach / friend from across the country just messaged me and asked about them too. You are onto something!~ Betsy 


 I just love my Blyss Running shorts. The 5" inseam is perfect protection for the thighs...and these shorts stay put! Thank you for the large zippered pocket, which fits my phone and key for a race or run around town.~ Lauren


{ Catherine sharing the love at the Peachtree }


{Daffany in her Blyss Skirt at the Peachtree}

{ Daffany after a test run }

#Ran 14 miles in my new #blyssrunning #skirt 💃🏽 ... Felt great!-shorts didn't ride up & no chafing! Thank you @BlyssRunning I it! #ibelieve


I purchased a pair of the 8" shorts at the health fair on Sunday, before the AJC Peachtree race.  I wore them in the race and they were fantastic!  The perfect length, felt great on, and looked good on.  And...I finished the race.  I think these will be great for yoga also.  Great product. ~ Joan


{ Kim in her Blyss Skirt


I bought a Trail Skirt at the Flying Pig Expo. I had to write and tell you how wonderful it is. I have worked in the running industry for a decade or more and have owned MANY running skirts. SO I am always a bit skeptical….I felt like I was in between sizes, small and medium, but went with the medium because it was a bit longer. I was worried it might “creep” when I ran. Well, I just ran 5 miles in the rain….and it DID NOT MOVE! The fabric is light and comfortable, and honestly it was like running naked. So comfortable. I just may have to get another one because now I won’t want to wear any of my old ones. Anyway, well done. I love it. ~ Martha


 { Karen and Liz wearing their Trail & Blyss Skirts after their 50k race. }


My first trail race in 2 years, 3rd place in my age group, but the real winner was my running skirt from Blyss Running that my husband got me for Xmas. I love this skirt so much that I bought another in navy. They've become my go to training partners due to the flattering fit and built in pockets that can fit a smartphone or 2. Best of all they're made in the USA by a fellow female entrepreneur! ~ Rebecca (Via74.com)


Hi. Just bought your running skort. I ran the peachtree road race in the skort- I love it.  Love the way the bottom of short is designed to stay in place and the short seems to be compression fitted. Thank you for this design. ~ Luann 


 Blyss Skirt

{ at the Peachtree Road Race }


I bought 2 of your skirts at the Flying Pig expo. I wore one for the Little Kings Mile on Friday night. I liked it so much that I took the chance on wearing something brand new for the 10k & 5k on Saturday. I absolutely loved the skirt!  So comfy, didn't ride up, put my phone in the back pocket and it fit perfectly!  I will definitely be getting more skirts from Blyss! ~ Rachel


Trail Skirt

{ Catherine trying on her Trail Skirt at the Peachtree Road Race }


I wore my capris for the half marathon that I purchased from you on Friday. I know the cardinal rule of running...nothing new on race day. I took a chance anyways because I loved how they felt. I was beyond pleased! No chafing anywhere, the pockets were awesome and held all my nutrition. The waistband was so comfortable and I never had to adjust it once (I did tie it). I was surprised my iphone fit in the back pocket and I didn't even feel it was there. Thank you for a wonderful product and I'm excited to try out my 8" shorts once my legs recover from the hills.~ Jennifer


I gave my capris a test run today! They are great! I started out the door, putting my phone in the awesome thigh pocket. A few strides in, and I thought, oh shoot, the waist is creeping down. Then I remembered - THEY HAVE A DRAWSTRING! Tightened that up, and went on. Anyway, they are great tights! I've been touting their wonderfulness to my friends, and look forward to checking out your new inventory in the future.~ Roberta


Thank you for coming to Cincinnati and bringing your wonderful clothing. I purchased a skort and capris yesterday from you. The capris were perfect for this morning's running of the half marathon. One pocket held my phone, another my energy drink and back pocket held Chapstick. Love your pockets!! ~ Sheila


Thank you for my new running skort.  It is the first one I've ever owned! I wore it on race day, but ended up keeping my tights on underneath because it was so cold.  It was very comfortable the entire seven miles!~ Ann


Just wanted to let you know the (Blyss) skirt is AWESOME!!!! I had it on race day. Finished the race in 2:52 looking marvelous and happy with my time.  Those hills were exhausting.  It was a pleasure meeting you and your crew.~ Lynn


 As a former avid runner, I am so happy that I found Blyss Running and their amazing running skirt. It makes me dust off my running shoes and hit the trails. I am forever grateful. ~ Christi


{ Anne trying on and purchasing the Blyss Skirt at Run the Bluegrass }


I normally don't wear new gear for races, but I am so glad I did. I love everything about my new skirt, and will be back for more! Finding running gear that fits well is hard for plump runners, and your skirt design works beautifully. Thanks for the wonderful skirt, and keep up the production. I look forward to new prints in the future.~ Marsha


 { Best friends, Jill and Charlotte, celebrating after their half in New Orleans! Wearing their Trail and Blyss Skirts }


{ Mindy wearing her Trail Skirt }


Bought my first pair of (Blyss) shorts Friday at Runner's World Half... wore Sunday for the half marathon...loved! No ride up, great pockets...new favorite running shorts...will buy again.~ Wendy


{ Loyal customer, Jase, finishing his first 50k, Canberra Ultra in Australia! }


I used your  Distance Short today (8" inseam) at the Peachtree and I LOVED THEM!!!! They didn't ride up, they didn't chafe and even though they were soaking wet when I got done (I ran through a lot of water sprays and was very sweaty) I wasn't at all uncomfortable.  It was exactly what I wanted.  I am putting this short on my birthday and Christmas wish lists.  Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!! ~ Jenny 


{ A happy customer at The Runner's World Festival in her Blyss Skirt }


Love the skirt!! I purchased one at the Cooper River expo and wore it in the race. It is absolutely the most comfortable thing to run in! No ride up on the leg or roll down from the top. And the pockets in the sides are the best!! I have a iPhone 6 Plus and it fits and does not pull down. ~ Meri Beth


Today I did my first ever marathon and wore my Blyss skirt. The skirt performed as I expected with holding my phone in place and a few small packets of jelly beans. The skirt also stayed dry too even though we did get some light rain.You have certainly designed and manufactured a skirt that is of excellent quality. In my opinion my Blyss skirt has performed better than my others including one that I have from a multinational company. ~ Jase


I bought the Blyss running skirt and ran in it for the 5K and 10K on Saturday, and the half marathon on Sunday. Not once did the shorts ride up or need to be adjusted! Love the higher waistband too! ~ Shannon, speaking of wearing the Trail Skirt at the Flying Pig


Thanks for making such a great skirt. I loved running in my Blyss skirt! It held up for the entire 9 hours and no chaffing. Those side pockets on the leg were perfect for gels! ~ Liz 


I love my new Blyss running skirt! At the Atlanta Peachtree Road Race today it performed beautifully. My Samsung Galaxy S5 rode safe and secure in the pocket on my right thigh. It never moved! My ID and Marta Breeze card were safe in the zipper pocket at my lower back. Plus its just darn cute! ~ Eve


I got two compliments on my Blyss Skirt today while I was on a run! It feels and fits nicely. I really love where the waste hits on the skirt and that the shorts underneath never ride up. Awesome! ~ Liz H.


I wore my Blyss Skirt in a local 5K this weekend and won my age group! ~ Hellen


Hi, I purchased your Blyss Skirt at the Flying Pig expo on Friday night-only after my husband said 'you ought to get that.' He thought it looked nice. Although I didn't run in the Flying Pig, we ran through the neighborhood Saturday morning, wearing my new skirt. I loved it! There was no riding up, enough room in the rear[waistband pocket] and I really liked the higher waist that seemed to hold everything in place. I will recommend this to my friends..... ~ Theresa


I just wanted to gush a little about the Distance Short. I have been running in mine since the beginning of the summer and I cannot say enough positive about them. I am sure they are the best bottoms I have ever run in. Thank you Blyss for making a compression short that stays in place and is long enough to allow me to keep all the skin between my legs!!! AND the pockets!!! I am a HUGE fan! Thank you!!! ~ Jill 


Hello!!!  I love my shorts!!!  I ran Cooper River the day after I bought them and had no riding up, slipping down or pinching. I have to admit that I had reservations on the price but after wearing them they were worth it!  Thanks! ~ Lisa


( Elle winning 3rd in AG at her local Turkey Trot wearing the Trail Skirt )


I LOVE my new shorts. ~ Noni


LOVE these shorts. They're a perfect length, a nice light fabric for summer runs and a good fit around my hips and waist. My favorite shorts thus far of any I've had! ~ Nina 


Thank you for making your running skirt!  I bought one at the CRBR expo on Thursday and wore it at the race.  No CHAFFING WHAT SO EVER!!! That has been a consistent problem for me on my longer runs!  The legs did not ride up, and my waist stayed on my waist. You asked for my feedback and here it is, I am really going to recommend your skirt/shorts to all of my friends! Thank you again. ~ Melanie


The shorts are so comfortable. Wore them on a 5 miler, no issues. And the best part was I didn't need any extra pieces attached to me to hold my stuff. My keys stayed in place in the side pocket, phone comfortably tucked away in the back. And the other pocket would be perfect for a snack if on a longer run. ~ Kaye


Hi! It was so nice meeting both of you at the CRB expo yesterday! I'm so glad that I didn't stick with the 'nothing new on race day' motto! Love my new running skirt! It was perfect. Thank you!!  ~ Joyce