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Running Skirt FAQ's


Blyss Running Skirt Features

Which running skirt is best for hot weather?

The Trail Skirt is the lightest weight skirt we offer. Some customers have remarked that it feels like they are running naked while wearing! The fabric is a recycled polyester that is super wicking for those hot summer days. The Blyss Skirt has the same super lightweight fabric for the under shorts. The Blyss II is a great mid-weight option if you want a bit more compression.


Which running skirt is best in cooler weather?

The Cool Running Skirt is a heavier weight fabric perfect for spring or fall and cooler mornings or evenings. 


I need pockets. Which of your skirts have pockets?

Every single skirt we design has 3 pockets. One zipper pocket in the back waistband that will fit a large phone and a pocket on each skirt leg which will also fit a large phone.


What are the differences in your skirt styles?

The Blyss, Blyss II, Tempo & Cool Running are all based off the same pattern. They are a traditional cut - slight A-line. The difference in these styles is the fabric.  The Blyss has a lightweight recycled poly under short, while the Blyss II has a soft peached mid-weight under short that matches the skirt fabric. The Tempo is a stretchy nylon mid-weight fabric for skirt and under shorts. The Cool Running is a bit heavier poly/spandex blend for both skirt and under shorts.

The Trail is made of a lightweight recycled poly. It isn't a traditional cut. It's like a wrap skirt; no side seams and mesh overlapping side panels which allow for a lot of movement. The Trail also has a shorter skirt length than the others.


Do you have running skirts with compression shorts?

Our skirts do not have compression shorts in the proper sense of the word. The Blyss Skirt and Trail Skirt have a very light under short. The Cool Running, Blyss II and Tempo Skirts feel a bit more supportive, yet still light and comfortable. 


What is the length of the under shorts? 

All under shorts have a 5 inch inseam.


Do the under shorts have grippers?

No. They have an internal elastic sewn into the leg of the short. That along with the 5 inch length, ensures that they will not move around or ride up. The leg should feel snug for a proper fit.


Why wear a running skirt?

Running skirts are a great option if you prefer a bit more modesty as compared to shorts. Blyss Skirts also feel less restricting than a compression short, but have all the same benefits - no riding up or chafing. Plus they are just fun and flattering!


Size Chart
Blyss Running size chart

We are a very small company and hope to extend our size range in the future. If you would like to see additional sizes, please contact me and let me know! 

And if you have any size questions, feel free to use the chat or email me at