Who We Are

Thank you for 6 wonderful years!

Born in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, Blyss Running is a woman owned small business designing functional and flattering running apparel that inspires your confidence and joy. 

Proudly supporting our communities by manufacturing in the USA.


Meet Alyson, Founder of Blyss Running

founder of Blyss Running


Hello! I came to running later in life, at age 41. My whole life prior to this I believed that I could not run. Honestly, I believed my body type wasn’t physically made for running. Remember that girl in high school who came in last during the mile run because she walked the whole thing? That was me. 

In 2010 that all changed. With the encouragement of friends, I begrudgingly started a Couch to 5K program. Two months later, and to my amazement, we ran a 5k. We didn't stop there and went on to run a 10K and half marathon together. Running got a hold of me. I celebrated my 44th birthday by running a marathon. All along my running journey from 5k to 50k, I kept proving myself wrong by setting and reaching goals that I thought were impossible. Running taught me that anything was possible.

Running also taught me that the athletic wear industry had no clue about what a woman needs and wants from her running apparel. If I thought the actual act of running was intimidating, shopping for running clothes was even more so! Where were the clothes for women like myself? Pockets, longer short & skirt lengths, high waistbands, stylish - clothes that were actually functional and looked good for this 40+ year old athlete? 

Tired of wearing capris in the hot humid summer, I put my design and merchandising degree to use and designed a few skirts and shorts for myself and friends. One thing led to another and in October of 2015, Blyss Running was born.

Turns out all body types are the running type. My hope for Blyss Running is that it can offer function, comfort, support and inspiration to all the women out there who are setting and reaching their impossible goals.

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